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We specialize in putting lodges online

Looking to getting your lodge into the 21st Century? Looking to increase the number of members in your lodge? The internet provides all of us with the ability to generate interest, inform and communicate with others. Travelling East provides lodges with an affordable means to spead the word about who they are and what they represent. It provides lodge officers a means of informing their members of upcoming activities, functions and general addresses about their lodge.

If you are interested in increasing the number of members in your lodge or keeping your members active, let us help you achieve your identity on the internet. We labor to ensure that on the net your light burns bright.

Sign up now and have your website up in 1 week!

  • Increase Membership
  • Increase Interest
  • Collect Dues
  • Communicate
  • Resources for New Members
  • Share Photos
  • Hassle-free Website
  • Mobile Features
  • Learn About Your Visitors
  • Compile Members Information

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Our packages include:

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A little more about what you get

What makes our websites affordable are that we use free services available to everyone on the internet. Thanks to the work of companies such as Google and Flickr, we can provide you your organization's websites using these current providers. This way, we don't charge you and if your members already have gmail or yahoo accounts, they can access these areas without having to signup for something new. Take a look at who are our providers: